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To begin let’s start breaking down the term SEO itself. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and as the name implies, it involves optimizing a web site so that it can be effectively listed on the major search engines, and be found by users searching for the website’s content. There is not one SEO method, rather SEO is a collection of methods that all aim to improve a site’s presence on the web. While there are a many different SEO strategies, they all involve optimizing for keywords. Launching a website is not in itself sufficient to get you traffic and sales. It must be supported by adequate search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns and social media optimization. Sognare Technologies offer you specialized SEO/PPC/SMO services in modular and affordable bundles to help your site gain high visibility, high traffic, high ranking and high conversions.


Modular packages designed according to your needs and budgets in a flexible way. SEO includes onsite optimization  offside SEO. Onsite SEO covers design, structure, keywords, meta titles, navigation and content. Offsite SEO covers back link building, article writing and posting, content marketing and generating organic traffic increase through white hat methods aligned with search engine algorithms.

HIRE US to Design Amazing Websites, SEO and Digital Marketing Services.


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