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In these guidelines, all references to “freelancers” identifies individuals hired on a per-event-basis only by Sognare Technologies. These freelancers will not and should not be considered full-time employees.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

Sognare Technologies is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. Sognare Technologies does not discriminate on the basis of gender in compensation or benefits for women and men who work in the same establishment and perform jobs that require equal skill, effort and responsibility and which are performed under similar conditions.


Sognare Technologies does not hire anyone that is not a citizen of the INDIA, or is not a non-citizen that is authorized to work in the INDIA. As a condition of acceptance of work, all freelancers must show valid proof that they are eligible to work in the INDIA.

Criminal Convictions

Sognare Technologies reserves the right not to hire or retain anyone that has been convicted of a criminal offense. Conviction of a crime that involves dishonesty may result in an automatic termination of employment. Before any decision is made, the nature of the crime and circumstances surrounding the conviction will be considered.

Identity/Address Proof & Payment Detail

In accordance with company law, all freelancers will be required to provide documentation of identity and address. Also they have to provide their a/c or wallet detail in which they want to receive their payment. The ST-FL-1 form / company email id (info@sognaretechnologies.com) will be used for this purpose.

On the Job Requirements


Sognare Technologies insists on punctuality for all its freelancers. You must have to finish your project on time, discussed before starting the project over Company E-mail. Sognare Technologies has the right to replace a freelancer (without pay) if their late work will adversely impact the company.

Cancellation Policy

If a freelancer is canceled by the company

If a freelancer is canceled before the project starts, there will be no pay due. Cancellations after project starts will be compensated. If freelancer is canceled after starting the project will be compensated at payment % of agreed pay according to work % done by Him/Her on the cancellation day. The work % will decided on day basis of the whole project discussed over company mail.

If a freelancer WITHDRAW the project

If a freelancer is withdraw before the project confirmed, there will be no penalty/no pay due. If a freelancer withdraw anytime after confirming, and before starting the project no pay due but a penalty of 20 % of agreed pay will be imposed. Withdraw after project starts will be compensated at half payment % of agreed pay according to work % done by Him/Her on the cancellation day but no penalty will be imposed. The work % will decided on day basis of the whole project discussed over company mail.

Work-time & Expenses

At Sognare Technologies, a standard workday is 10 hours to include a 1-hour lunch break. If your agreement done on per day basis, you have to submit prove of your work timing in the form of screen capture video. Sognare Technologies will never reimburse any expenses accrued by freelancers that have been done within days of project.


Sognare Technologies will pay you in 2 slots. The first slot payment is 35 % of the total of agreed pay on the time of handover project for review.  The second slot payment is remaining 65 % of the total of agreed pay on the time of final handover project.

Acceptance of Policies and Procedures

By accepting work with Sognare Technologies, all freelancers agree they have read and are fully aware of the policies outlined in these Freelance Worker Guidelines. Freelancers agree to abide by said policies and practices described within in all instances, and understand this temporary employment may be withdrawn for violations or infractions. The freelancer understands that this document does not establish any permanent employment agreement and does not constitute a contract of employment. The freelancer also understands that the company abides by employment at-will, which permits the company or individual to terminate the employment relationship at any time. In case of break the policy after acceptance from freelancer or company, company and individual have rights to claim case of fraud according to the INDIAN law.